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Convolo can effectively increase your conversions

  • Take leads while they are hot. With our immediate follow-up system you will get in touch with a lead in less than one minute after the request.
  • Make a good first impression. Thanks to our technology you can now amaze your customers from the first seconds of the call.
  • Increase business efficiency. Convolo proves to increase conversions by 60-75%. Such increase makes a very positive effect on your marketing efficiency and ROI.
  • Know more about your leads. We use lead enrichment technology to get extra information, like name and e-mail for every lead you get.
Johan Nilsson
Founder, Convolo

What makes our product more promising

Our customer success team works in tight contact with you to set up the system in a day and tweaks it during the trial period to achieve the best conversions. We also integrate with all popular CRMs to keep all your leads in one place.

Our results

Achieving their results


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Achieving their results

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Sucess stories

The Convolo Phone Button is a perfect complement to our chat, and we have received many more customer phone calls and thereby real sales thanks to the service! Both we and our customers are happy!

Sucess stories

A great service level is part of the core of our company and one part of that is to get back to people fast. Being able to automate follow-up within 30 seconds with Convolo is golden for us. We give even better service and get more new clients from our website.
— Robert Hallgren, CEO

Sucess stories

Before Convolo we never knew how leads we generated for clients were followed-up. Lots of leads were missed and lost. With Convolo we know every lead gets a call within 1 minute. Close rates are way up and our clients never miss another lead.
— Mohamed Elhawary, AGENCY OWNER
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