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We are trusted by hundreds of companies
We are trusted by hundreds of companies
We are trusted by hundreds of companies
We are trusted by hundreds of companies

What Our Customers Think

about dialer
Using Convolo has improved our response rate and service standards since we are able to closely monitor the performance of our sales team. Convolo helped us automate sound follow-up systems, that led to higher conversion as well as better service to our customers.
Jesmy George
about dialer
I love the Convolo Power Dialer! I have used at least a dozen over the last few years and of all of them, the Convolo Power Dialer is THE dialer! Great onboarding process, excellent customer service and support as well! It is simple, intuitive and seamless!
Kurt Sweet
about leads
The Convolo Phone Button is a perfect complement to our chat, and we have received many more customer phone calls and thereby real sales thanks to the service! Both we and our customers are happy!
Mattias Forsman
Mattias Forsman
about leads
A great service level is part of the core of our company and one part of that is to get back to people fast. Being able to automate follow-up within 30 seconds with Convolo is golden for us. We give even better service and get more new clients from our website.
Robert Hallgren
Robert Hallgren
about leads
Before Convolo we never knew how leads we generated for clients were followed-up. Lots of leads were missed and lost. With Convolo we know every lead gets a call within 1 minute. Close rates are way up and our clients never miss another lead.
Mohamed Elhawary
Mohamed Elhawary

frequently Asked question

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What is the Convolo Power Dialer?
The Power Dialer is a communication software that helps SDRs and Inside Sales Teams make 80-120 calls per hour. Not only that, but it gets also every interaction and its results saved both in a CRM of your choice and in the Convolo Dashboard.
How does the Convolo Power Dialer help improve Sales?
On average, most sales reps make about 100-200 calls a day. With the Convolo Power Dialer, they can do 100 calls in just 1-2 hours, which increases output, appointments, and sales by an average of 350%.
How many calls can I make per day with the Convolo Power Dialer?
With the Convolo Power Dialer a sales rep can do about 80-120 calls per hour of active calling, which can add up to 500-700 calls per day.
How can I import contacts for the Convolo Power Dialer?
You can easily import contacts from an Excel Sheet or CSV file with a smooth mapping of the fields. You can also send contacts directly into the Dialer projects with either Integrations or Webhooks.
What systems do the Convolo Dialer integrate with?
One of Convolo’s major strengths is integration. The Convolo Dialer has native integrations with top CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zoho.
How can I use a Local Caller ID in the Convolo Dialer?
It is incredibly simple. You just have to buy/add numbers in the regions you want localisations and activate the Local Caller ID. Then, Convolo will automatically show the number that is closest to the person you are calling.
That way, you have full control over how local you want your call to be and the cost you are willing to put into this feature.
How can I use Branded Caller ID in the Convolo Dialer?
Just send an email to with your request to activate Branded Calls. Our success team will reach out to you as soon as possible and activate Branded Calls for you within 48 hours.
What statistics can I see in the Convolo Dialer?
In the Statistics of the Convolo Dialer Dashboard, you can see information about every call made. It is easy and intuitive to filter and sort exactly as you want it.
There are also some awesome features that you’d only get with Convolo, like:
The Funnel View:
A visualization of the funnel from “Call Attempts” to “Answer” to “Conversation” to “Positive Outcome”.
The Activity Chart View:
See exactly when each team member was actively making calls, when they took their breaks, and when they stopped working. That way, it is easy to understand how each team member is performing..
What call flows can I set up in the Convolo Dialer?
You can set it up by projects. For each project, you can decide how many hours the contact should be paused before they become available again. All you have to do is set-up your cadence for the project, and every new contact that gets added to that specific project will automatically go through the same cadence.
How can I rate calls in the Convolo Dialer?
You’ll absolutely love it. After every call, the sales rep is prompted to register the results of that call as a necessary step before moving forward to the next call. It is super simple, yet also powerful, since you get a perfect actionable data.