We are trusted by hundreds of companies
We are trusted by hundreds of companies
We are trusted by hundreds of companies
We are trusted by hundreds of companies

Clients Love Convolo

about leads
The Convolo Phone Button is a perfect complement to our chat, and we have received many more customer phone calls and thereby real sales thanks to the service! Both we and our customers are happy!
Mattias Forsman
Mattias Forsman
MARKETING DIRECTOR, harjedalskok.se
about leads
A great service level is part of the core of our company and one part of that is to get back to people fast. Being able to automate follow-up within 30 seconds with Convolo is golden for us. We give even better service and get more new clients from our website.
Robert Hallgren
Robert Hallgren
CEO, thegeneration.se
about leads
Before Convolo we never knew how leads we generated for clients were followed-up. Lots of leads were missed and lost. With Convolo we know every lead gets a call within 1 minute. Close rates are way up and our clients never miss another lead.
Mohamed Elhawary
Mohamed Elhawary
AGENCY OWNER, Beuniqueness.co.uk

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How it works

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Website visitors leave their phone number
Convolo calls available agents and connects them with the client
After each call, agents record the result and all call details get pushed to your CRM
How it worksTurn Your Website Visitors Into Buyers In 55 Seconds

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Help Center
How does your affiliate program work?
Simply create an account. It takes less than 2 minutes to setup! Once you're in, you can start sending leads to Convolo through your unique referral link and earn money.
What is the commission rate?
Affiliates receive 20% commission for any products or services purchased through our website.
How long does the tracking cookie last?
Cookies remain in the visitors browser for 60 days or until they make a purchase, whichever comes first.
When do I get paid?
Affiliate payouts are processed 30 days after a purchase has been completed. Your payments will besent to the funding account you setup. There is a 30 day waiting period in case of refunds or credit cardcharge-backs.
Can I receive earnings from items that I purchase with my affiliate link?
No. Affiliates violating this rule will be removed from our affiliate program.
Who can I contact at Convolo for affiliate support?
Our dedicated affiliate support team can be reached at affiliates@convolo.ai
How can I use Branded Caller ID in the Convolo Dialer?
Just send an email to support@convolo.ai with your request to activate Branded Calls. Our success team will reach out to you as soon as possible and activate Branded Calls for you within 48 hours.
What statistics can I see in the Convolo Dialer?
In the Statistics of the Convolo Dialer Dashboard, you can see information about every call made. It is easy and intuitive to filter and sort exactly as you want it.
There are also some awesome features that you’d only get with Convolo, like:
The Funnel View:
A visualization of the funnel from “Call Attempts” to “Answer” to “Conversation” to “Positive Outcome”.
The Activity Chart View:
See exactly when each team member was actively making calls, when they took their breaks, and when they stopped working. That way, it is easy to understand how each team member is performing..
What call flows can I set up in the Convolo Dialer?
You can set it up by projects. For each project, you can decide how many hours the contact should be paused before they become available again. All you have to do is set-up your cadence for the project, and every new contact that gets added to that specific project will automatically go through the same cadence.
How can I rate calls in the Convolo Dialer?
You’ll absolutely love it. After every call, the sales rep is prompted to register the results of that call as a necessary step before moving forward to the next call. It is super simple, yet also powerful, since you get a perfect actionable data.