The number one

STRATEGY to Boost Sales

For Real Estate

September, 2020,

Have you ever been in a situation when you can't sell a listing that suits perfectly your client’s requirements? I guess this can happen to anyone at least once. However, when it becomes a rule rather than an exception, it’s time to implement some changes to your workflow.

You start wondering if your rivals know something you don’t know or what they do better to keep their closing rates high constantly.

I have been working with quite a few top Real Estate agencies and here is my insight: they put a lot of effort into contacting their clients and prospects ASAP. For instance, when agents from Coldwell Banker started to call their prospects within 55 seconds after the request, they managed to double their conversions from lead to sale with 237%.

Read the Coldwell Banker Case Study here.

I know, many companies can’t afford to hire enough employees to proceed with every call request immediately. However, that’s not your case as we’ve got a solution for you. We will talk more about this later but now let’s go through the strategy step by step.

So here you go, ride or die strategy that will boost your conversions instantly and for the long term!

1. Call your prospects immediately

Number one rule, never let your leads sit! Don’t waste time on excessive research about the lead or postpone the call because you have something else to do.

Remember, if you don’t call the lead within 1 minute, it will convert at your rival’s website. If you don’t call the lead within 3 minutes, it will get contacted by your rival. If you don’t call the lead within 5 minutes, it will completely forget about who you are.

Are you willing to take that risk?
According to Vendasta, the lead quality decreases by 80% in 5 minutes after it’s generated if not contacted by the salesperson fast enough.
2. Treat your prospect like a best friend

What is your main channel for lead generation? Is it a website or Social Media? Whatever it is, add an additional field to the call request form where your leads can briefly explain what type of property they are looking for. Thus, your managers, before calling to the lead, can use this information to provide a better quality service. After all, we all know that prospective buyers love when agents address their needs from the very first interaction.

3. Constantly improve your agents’ performance

Training and webinars are good for updating your agents’ knowledge about new trends and selling techniques. However, it doesn't address specific struggles that every particular agent might have.

Here is a closer look needed. Record calls of your agents so you can listen to it at any time and find out what call is performed well and what needs improvement.

I know, it’s a challenging task to implement this strategy into your working routine. However, if you will use tools that can optimize all these processes, you will be able to see your CR grow dramatically in a short period of time.

AI-powered platform Convolo will allow your managers to effortlessly contact prospects within seconds. Its Whisper Feature will tell your managers all the information about each lead before connecting them for a call. Its tracking system will create a database of calls that are sorted out conveniently. Thus, you can easily spot calls where the clients raised their voices or managers didn’t follow the script.

We design the Convolo platform with a unique set of features according to the specific needs of every business. Contact me to set up a Demo call where we will discuss how Convolo AI can help your business to achieve its milestones faster.
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