10 Best Sales Enablement Tools (2021)
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Clarity across the sales enablement process is a major key to success for any business.

While you need to approach sales enablement with a degree of flexibility, your team also needs to pivot within a strong framework that has proven pathways.

Engagement is the jumping-off point for sales opportunities. Leads that are consistently converted are increasingly accessed through smart technologies embedded across your marketing platforms.
What is a sales enablement tool?
Sales enablement tools help connect your marketing, content, and sales cycle for a more successful sales process from beginning to end.

Sales enablement tools have come a long way from manual note-keeping, ledgers, and brainstorming around a table. You can now buy software that shows you end-to-end where your leads are coming from, precise speed to lead times, and what leads are being converted consistently by your sales team.

Great flow is now achievable across multiple locations and tiers with tools that provide your company with transparent collated data that is up to the minute and detailed.
Why use a sales enablement tool?
Why wouldn’t you access a range of tools that keep your team informed and your strategies dynamic? With good sales enablement tools, you will have all the information from your online forms and one-click call-back buttons available to view on an easy-to-read dashboard.

You can check where widgets are working hardest and make smart decisions around your marketing budget that can be actioned instantly. Your sales calls can be recorded and fed back to your staff as learning tools. You can also see exactly who is hitting the mark and who needs to work on their technique.

Added features that make it smart to engage with sales enablement tools, (such as access to instant reporting that’s pared down to make notifications easy to send on the run), means this software is essential for all contemporary workplaces that are concerned with making bank.
10 best sales enablement tools
Convolo easily leads the pack with their sales enablement tools, seamless reporting, and feedback loops move workflow in smarter streams. Along with scheduling that can be completely customized, this connected tool lays out end-to-end analytics.

The big draw with Convolo is speed to lead. These smart widgets and buttons have your lead on the phone within 55 seconds.

A sales call with an engaged and informed rep hits your customer’s phone while they are still thinking about your product and simple coded notifications head from sales to marketing the minute a lead hangs up.
HubSpot is a good, functional CRM with flexible payment tiers. Integrating seamlessly with Outlook, Slack, and your calendar, this tool logs your meetings and has some great automations.

It has a few cumbersome points around removing old contacts and limiting some accessibilities to admins. Overall, it is an affordable option that covers the basics well.
#3 Klue
Klue is a dynamic platform that delivers insights and analytics. Klue uses a ‘battlecard’ feature that details your competitors, shows strengths, weaknesses, and strategies to knock them out.

Klue has a fairly long ramp-up and setup period. It also has a great user-friendly support system. This is definitely one to watch!
One Mob leads with video tech for media-rich communications. While it is primarily visual enhancement for remote tasks, it also syncs data back to your CRM for analytic insights.

With page templates that are easily shareable across your whole organization, One Mob is a great tool for those wanting to share ‘how to’ videos to teams and to replicate standard practice with visual aids.
Spekit utilizes real-time notifications so teams can receive snippets throughout the day which report progress across leads. This SET is centralized on a dashboard and can be accessed across all locations.

Great for streamlining, the one-click reactions save time and promote smooth feedback loops. Spekit is a good all-around performer.
ClosePlan also uses deal scorecards to keep your team informed as to what the competition is working with. This enables sales teams to stay informed and agile.

ClosePlan offers good customizations. The Playbook and Relationship maps work well to pinpoint task prioritizations. Its performance lacks a bit across integrations and the admin panel needs a little work. All in all, it is a good tool.
Automated software to capture your competitor’s information and drawing from over a hundred different types of data, Crayon has a comprehensive reach.

This software grabs data across GTM strategies, product pricing, and external messaging - to name just a few. Integrating well with Slack, Crayon operates beautifully as a really powerful data collection tool.
Used across 80 countries, Membrain has won a few awards and is a good example of a tool that simplifies complex sales processes. Really good integration with Membrain across lots of platforms makes this tool a good choice for many organizations.

This sales enablement tool has some great customization features and works well to optimize win rates. It comes with a few issues around report generation. However, Membrain is backed by a great support team.
An intuitive, easy-to-use sales enablement tool, Pitcher has easy drag and drop functionality and works across multiple channels.

It also promotes accurate reporting and integrates well with Salesforce CRM and is particularly useful for across-the-board compliance that includes location-specific customization.
Utilizing AI insight to open up calls for analysis, Demodesk automates playbooks for your reps. This tool integrates across platforms, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Office, and sends battle cards fully loaded with good apps and targeted slides.

Slick appointment management tools coupled with one-step notification cuts down on repeat information sharing. This streamlines processes so your team can get on with upselling your product.
Tips for choosing a sales enablement tool
Choosing the right sales enablement tool for your team is important. You want to be working with tech that is user-friendly and you want reporting to be concise and automated.

A good sales enablement tool is going to be feeding your team hot leads and enabling them to chase those leads immediately with simple call-back features that hit their phone in ways that make a sales call part of their daily flow.

Speed to lead should be the first thing on your mind when selecting from the tools available. Look for a tool that lets you master that number one conversion metric.

If you can nail speed to lead without having to constantly check in with your sales team to reinforce the importance of that first callback, you are streets ahead of the game straight out of the gate.
The bottom line
Our review of Sales Enablement tools put Convolo out in front for a number of reasons:

● easy install
● smart widgets
● and instant call back buttons

Convolo has built-in retargeting to re-engage browsers that drop out before they complete forms and it works smoothly to get customer data onto reps phones faster.

A great feature that puts it over the other sales enablement tools listed is the instant feedback loop. As soon as your salesperson hangs up their call, an SMS hits their phone asking for a customized response that hangs off a 1-5 reporting system.

The rep hits a number and that heads back to marketing instantly. This lets them know where the call landed and feeds into analytics that makes smart spending a natural part of the workflow.

These characteristics, along with nailing that hallowed speed to lead call back in under a minute, make Convolo the smartest choice for sales enablement on the market today.
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