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Make 100 calls/hour with Convolo Power Dialerand 4X answer rates with Local Caller ID
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10X Productivity Of Your Inside Sales Team With The Convolo Dialer By

Super smooth Power Dialing
Fantastic Activity Reports
Branded Calls or Local Caller ID

100+ Contacts Per Hour

That adds up to 500 to 800 calls per day!See your activity per agent, appointments, and sales increase by an average of 350%

400% Increase in Answer rate by showing Local Numbers to people you call

Research show that the answer rate increases by 400% when prospects see a local number when you call

Flexible Outreach Cadences mixing Voice & Text

Full control over when you call each contact and how long you wait between each attempt to reach them

How It works

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Create a project and assign agents with just a few clicks

Set up flexible outreach cadences giving you full control over when you call each contact and how long you wait between each attempt to reach them

Import Contacts from an excel file or push them directly to the project from another system

With the Convolo Dialer Sales Agents can make 80-120 calls per HOUR.
What they did in a full day before - they can now do in just 1-2 hours

Activate Local Caller ID to improve answer rate by 400%

After each call, agents register the result of the call. This way you have full control of what happened with each call.

The Calls List gives you a great place to see all calls and filter them exactly as needed.

The Funnel shows you exactly what is working and what needs to be improved in your process.

The Activity report shows you exactly when each team member was calling vs taking breaks. It’s a GAME CHANGER for Remote Teams.

Flexible integration with CRMs makes sure every interaction and call recording available where you need it, when you need it

Customer About Dialer

I love the Convolo Power Dialer! I have used at least a dozen over the last few years and of all of them, the Convolo Power Dialer is THE dialer! Great onboarding process, excellent customer service and support as well! It is simple, intuitive and seamless!

Kurt Sweet, FOUDER & CEO of Sweet Spot Digital Media

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