CRM Integration

So, you’re of course loving that Convolo helps you get more leads and follow-up every new lead with a call within 55 seconds.

Your clients are happy when you call and deals are closing faster than ever.
Convolo CRM Integration
Filtering leads based on information
you already have in your CRM?

Making sure all information about your lead calls
get tracked and saved as part of the contact history?
But how about:

We’ve got you covered

Just activate Convolo’s CRM Integration

How It Works

BEFORE THE CALL: Identify Existing contacts
When a new lead comes in (from any lead source) Convolo checks if this contact already exists in your CRM. Then you can choose specifically how calls should be connected for existing clients.
Option - Choose whom to connect existing clients with
  • To the account manager of that specific client (as specified in the CRM)
  • To the support team
  • 1st to the Account Manager, but then to the support team or other sales people if the account manager doesn’t answer
  • or figure out your own flow? :) Our support team can help you make it happen
ON THE CALL: Inform agents
Make sure agents know what they need about the client
before they talk to them.
Option - Choose what info agents get
  • If the lead is a new or existing contact
  • Company name, contact name
  • Other needed info about the client from any CRM fields
AFTER THE CALL: Add lead call information to your CRM
Convolo adds all information about the lead call as a call activity in your CRM: for existing contacts, the call activity is added to the existing contact card and for new clients, a new contact card is created in the CRM with the call activity
Option - Create lead or deal
  • For every new lead call
  • Only for new contacts
  • Only for new contacts on lead calls with chosen results reported by agents
Please note that our Success Team can customize any of the above steps to make it fit perfectly with your preferred workflow.
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